Saturday, 28 January 2012

Got to start somewhere

Well, I've done plenty of blogs in the past, and to be honest they don't usually get past the first post, perhaps it's because I usually get a hobby then decide to create a niche blog about it. As with most of my hobbies though, they tend to fall by the wayside pretty shortly after I take it up, hence the short lived blog.

Anyway, this time, I've decided to put a blog together about me and my life, not necessarily for anyone to read (who would find this drivel interesting) but mainly for me to have a diary of my life and thoughts to look back over when I'm really bored (and I'd have to be pretty bored to read this)

Let me introduce myself to anyone who happens to be reading this (and to remind me whose blog this is when I read it down the line)
I'm Paul and I'm currently 28, I live in Yorkshire, I work for a blue chip company as a manager, my life have improved drastically because I recently changed jobs, still the same company but now a role which means I work 40 hours a week, 8-5 usually and have a desk, phone and computer, so not very taxing. 
I try to exercise because the new lifestyle means I'm putting on weight pretty quick, I run, cycle and swim when I can.
I also love darts, playing and watching.

I'm boring myself writing all this so I'll finish it here.

Hopefully I'll break all my usual rules and post another post...